PTR September 22 Patch Notes - Buffs, Profile Changes and More

PTR Patch Notes - Widowmaker and Junkrat Buffs. Also - Pause button in custom games! Top 500 rankings also launched, as well as new Career Profiles. Ping and FPS now displayed at top left.

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Insights Into the Development Process of Overwatch


Jeff Kaplan - Game Director

The Overwatch Team (internally at Blizzard we are called "Team 4") is comprised of about 100 developers at this point. The disciplines who comprise the team are Audio, Art, Engineering, Production, and Design. We also have two full-time Business Operations people and an esports director who are part of the team. Our size fluctuated throughout development from around 40 developers to about 75 at launch. Around launch we brought our audio team onto the team full time (they were technically a shared, central resource although primarily focused on OW). We love that group way too much to share them with anyone! We also brought our automation group onto the team (thus bringing us to our current number). The automation team is particularly awesome -- true unsung heroes. They had literally hundreds of thousands of "players" playing the beta for most of the time that the beta was running. The reason we were able to have such a smooth launch and keep the beta small was because of their fantastic work.

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[PATCH] Season 2 Competitive Mode Live!

Season 2 is now live!

Competitive Play Season 2

We've made some big changes to Competitive Play in anticipation of the launch of Season 2. The most noticeable change is the introduction of skill tiers, which we hope will better communicate players' relative skill levels. Competitive Play will put a greater emphasis on skill tiers over specific ratings, and as such, a player's tier will be more prominently displayed throughout the game. We've also switched the skill rating system to a 1-5000 scale to give players more detailed information about how each match affects their specific rating.

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Blizzcon 2016 World Cup Teams Announced!

Master Overwatch Profiles of All Players

Blizzard post

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8/24 PTR Changes

Principal Designer - Geoff Goodman:

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