Overwatch League Officially Announced in China: Overwatch Premier Series

February 24, 2017

Official website

Weibo China Source

So far the details have been:

The league will begin on March 16, 2017 and have a prize pool of 4,000,000 RMB ($600,000 USD). 10 Teams will participate in the spring season and 8 will go to playoffs. 

Top teams from the Spring season will also be participating in the Summer series and eventually be invited to the APACA premier (with international teams)


-16 years or older.

-Minimum of 4,000 ranking points

-Resident of China

-Registration period Feb 24- Feb 28

More details to be added.

Season 4 Season 4 ranked has just begun! Your stats may not start updating yet until Blizzard updates their system for the new season. We'll update you here when they do. Thanks for your patience!