Overwatch World Cup 2017 Announced!

March 29, 2017


Overwatch World Cup is back again for 2017! This time, we will see 5 LIVE events take place from around the world (including the final championship games at Blizzcon in November).

Blizzard will start tracking the top 100 players for each country and place them on a leaderboard. The top 32 teams will qualify to play in the group stages! (Keep track of this at https://worldcup.playoverwatch.com/en-us/ 

The next phase of this process would be voting.

Where players of Overwatch will be able to vote in a committee of representatives who then vote in the strongest contenders into their country's team. After that is the group stage and finally, playoffs in November (at Blizzcon)

Viewers vote for their nation’s representatives, who will select the strongest team from that nation.

We are sure more details are to come, so keep checking back for updates!