Overwatch 2017 World Cup Committee Vote: Know Your Candidates!

April 28, 2017

The voting for the Overwatch World Cup 2017 committee has begun. Three committee members will be chosen by you, the community, and those three will go on to select the 6-person team that will represent your country in the 2017 Overwatch World Cup.

Some of these candidates may be individuals who you’ve never heard of before - and they’re too humble to put themselves out there. Keep in mind that these are the candidates that will make the BEST decisions choosing a team - some professional coaches in real sports do have playing experience themselves, whereas some of the most accomplished ones have also never been a player. Skill rating shouldn’t be a deterrent of whether you should pick them or not - there is a reason Blizzard selected these candidates of varying SR.

We want to highlight everyone, for this reason, we've compiled a list of their MasterOverwatch profiles, and gotten a quick introduction from them personally on why they think you should vote for them.

(We’ve tried reaching out to as many candidates as we can - so please check your inboxes. If you are a candidate and want to reach out to us directly to be included on this list, please DM us on Discord (add KT | MasterOverwatch#9713) or DM @MasterOverwatch and we'll get you set up!)



Real Name: Kyle Souder
Profile: KyKy#1727 (https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/KyKy-1727
Peak Skill Rating: 4500
Currently: Previously team captain and leader of Cloud9, now head coach of Team EnVyUs
Why I think you should vote for me:

I started playing this game when closed beta first began, and started up the team "google me" which quickly became one of the most liked, watched, and successful teams in Overwatch throughout closed and open beta.  In February 2016, we got signed by Cloud9 in which I continued the role of team captain, playing with and against all the best players in this game.  I have developed relationships with a very large amount of the scene in a way that I can distinguish personalities, skill, mindset, and synergy to choose and form the best possible team that would make USA proud in the world cup.  On top of all of this, I have developed and shaped a mind for the game throughout playing and coaching that is unrivaled.  In short, there is no better person to not only simply form team USA, but to also stick with them and make them perform together as the team we need them to be.


Real Name: Andrew Rush

Profile: ZPs#1550 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/ZPs-1550

Peak SR: S1 Level 77, S3 Grandmaster (4022)

Why I think you should vote for me:

My goal is to forge the strongest possible Team USA by utilizing a thorough tryout process. Should I be picked, I'll prioritize team chemistry and players being able to practice well together over less important factors like individual popularity.  I'll rely not only on my experience from watching Overwatch since the beginning, but also my experience on being involved in top level competition in other game titles to help augment my decisions. And lastly, I'll be keeping the voters involved on the Team USA building process via weekly updates that'll make the process entirely transparent.   Thanks for reading this, and here's hoping the USA takes the Gold in 2017!

Hexagrams (or hex)

Real Name: Robert Kirkbride

Profile: hex#1959 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/hex-1959 

Peak Skill rating: I think 3290 this season.  I spend more time casting/watching OW.

Why I think you should vote for me: 

I’ve been casting Overwatch for 18 months now.  I know the scene, the meta, and the players as well as anyone else in all of Overwatch.  I don’t want to pick the best or most popular players, I want to create the best team.  I want to redefine what people mean when they say ‘NA Overwatch’.  The USA has great players, and it’s time to show the world that we’re ready to take FPS, and eSports, back.


Real name: Ben Trautman
Profile: Planet#1355 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/Planet-1355
Peak Skill Rating: 2900 (Season 3)
Currently:  Content Creator (Writer/Analyst/Podcaster) for Overbuff.com
Why I think you should vote for me:

Don’t let the low skill rating lead you astray, I’m one of the most trusted names in Overwatch. Dating back to early closed beta, I have been covering the professional Overwatch scene via weekly Meta Reports that educate the community at large. Gathering data, watching matches, doing podcasts, and drafting reports on a weekly basis on top of my normal 8-5 Mon-Fri, office job unfortunately leaves me with little time to actually play Overwatch. But, I make up for the lack of skill rating with a singular obsession with Overwatch data analysis. Nearly every weekend I sit at my computer from 9am to 11pm+ watching professional tournament VODs, recording statistics, and crunching numbers. This is the kind of person you want helping the Team USA Overwatch Committee make the most informed decisions possible.

My dedication to the Overwatch professional scene is unquestioned. I don’t have time for a girlfriend, I don’t have time for pets, and I barely have time for a social life or exercise -- all because my only goal is to get my hands on as much Overwatch data as possible. Team USA needs experience: I’ve been covering the pro scene since BlizzCon 2015. Team USA needs objectivity: I’m the “Overwatch Stats Guy” -- I never let opinions get in the way of data. Team USA needs organizational chops and time management: I’m already working 2-3 jobs at once. Sure, I may have to take a break from meta reports for some time, but that’s more than worth it to make sure Team USA comes out on top. Vote CaptainPlanet. The power is yours!


Real name:  Matt Rodriguez

Profile: flame#1189 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/flame-1189

Peak Skill Rating 4450

Currently:   Ex-Splyce/ Analyst

Why I think you should vote for me:

I am going to lead the United States to victory.



Real Name: Chris Loranger

Profile: HuK#1212 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/HuK-1212

Peak Skill Rating: Top 500

Currently:  previously EG/Liquid

Why I think you should vote for me:

One of the best professional players of all time in one of the hardest esports of all time (Starcraft 2). Experience in winning on some of the biggest stages internationally in high pressure situations. Experience as a coach, analyst, performance coach, and manager for top teams including in OW. Blizzcon participations as a pro player. Mentor to numerous up and coming as well as established pro's across numerous titles


Real Name: Joe Gramano

Profile: Joemeister#11671 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/Joemeister-11671

Peak Skill Rating: 4547 (Season 4)

Currently: compLexity Gaming

Why I think you should vote for me:

As a pro player in the Canadian Overwatch scene (namely under compLexity Gaming) since the very early days of the closed Beta, I’ve been privileged enough to have met, play with, and play against some of the greatest Overwatch talent in Canada and the world. My goal is to in some way, given my experience as a pro player, be involved in the making of a very successful Team Canada for this year’s World Cup event.


Real name: Nick Dudek

Profile: exi#1228 (https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/exi-1228)

Peak Skill Rating: 4415 (Season 4)

Currently: Free Agent

Why I think you should vote for me:

I've been playing Overwatch competitively since the closed beta, for over a year now. In that time I've become immensely familiar with the pro scene, having played with or against essentially all of the top players in North America. I've also come to understand what players require as a team to succeed, and I believe I could help make a strong Canadian team.


Name: Liam Campbell

Tag: Mangachu#1402

Season High: 4855 (season 3)

Past Teams: Grouchy Desperados, Northern Gaming Red, Tempo Storm NA, Detroit Renegades 5 Hour Energy Overwatch Team

Why I think you should vote for me:

I have been playing overwatch since day two closed beta, and competitive since the very beginning of the competitive scene. I've placed top 3 in multiplest stacked tournaments (Josh OG Invitational, multiple Gosu weeklies, Carbon Series). I've finished top 100 every season in NA, and I know all about the competitive Canadian scene and can build the best team to represent us in the world cup!



Real name: Kevin Lindstrom
Profile: TviQ#1503 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/TviQ-1503
Peak Skill Rating: Skill rating S3 4852
Currently:  previously - IDDQD, MyDong, Rogue, Currently Misfits

Why I think you should vote for me:

My name is TviQ, I went by the name of Pluppie in OW beta. I have been playing competitive Overwatch since October 2015 - where we placed 2nd in our first tournament. I was part of the IDDQD team, the strongest in beta. From there, my teams won TakeTV, Atlantic Showdown (the biggest tournament $100,000 at the time), 2nd place in ELeague OWOPEN ($300,000) and we won APAC China (the first big international tournament.)

Our international experience continues as we have completed in OGN Apex Season 2.

I am a very competitive player, and I take Overwatch incredibly seriously. I will answer the very best Swedish team, not just to beat our region, but to win the entire Overwatch World Cup because we have a very real chance with the talent in Sweden. Thank you.


Real name: Sebastian Olsson

Profile: Zebbosai#2381 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/Zebbosai-2381

Peak skill rating:4894

Team: Misfits

Why I think you should vote for me: Hello my name is Sebastian “Zebbosai” Olsson I've been playing overwatch since February 2016 when I got access to the beta. I was a part of the Swedish team last world cup and we managed to get 3rd so I know what it takes to go deep in the tournament. I want to help make the Swedish team the best team in the world this year. With my experience in international tournaments, such as winning OWOPEN ($300,000), I think I can help assemble the best team for our nation.



Real name: Izzy Müller

Profile: Noukky#2688 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/Noukky-2688

Peak Skill Rating: 4155 (Season 4)

Currently:   Team: Eanix  Other: Tournament Organizer in EU, Moderator of The O.W.

Why I think you should vote for me:

Hey guys, as a competitive player since closed beta I have seen the competitive scene grow over the last year. Playing in teams since release of the game I am known around the competitive scene and respected as a player. I started to help shaping the EU scene by starting my own monthly tournament in February and acting as a spokesperson for upcoming tournament organizers wanting to invest into Overwatch. The fact that I am an Ingame leader for my team and in talks with so many different people in the scene makes me have a very deep understanding of competitive gameplay. That's why you should vote for me!


Real name: Nicholas Rosada

Profile: skipjack#2311 (https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/skipjack-2311 )

Peak Skill Rating: 4453 (Season 4)

Currently:  Laser Kittenz , Previously: Misfits, Rogue

Why I think you should vote for me:

I have been playing Overwatch competitively since the closed Beta. Since then I have won many online tournaments and also attended a few LANs leading to a victory at Dreamhack Winter 2016 in Sweden. I know the Pro Scene very well, which puts me in a great position to be able to find the best players to represent Germany.


Real name: Dennis Hawelka

Profile: INTERNETHULK#2984 (https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/INTERNETHULK-2984)

Peak Skill Rating: 4337 (Season 4)

Currently:  EX EnVyUs - now Rogue ( Trial analyst )

Why I think you should vote for me:

I build the most successfull team in Overwatch for a long time as a Team Captain. I also was the Team Captain for Team Germany during the OW Worldcup 2016. As part of the committee i would want to build the strongest German team possible. I would not include myself if i feel there will be a stronger player than myself. I would work hard to reach Blizzcon and get a really good placement. Vote for me!


Harry Hook

Real Name: Jonathan Tejedor

Profile: HarryHook#2309 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/HarryHook-2309

Peak Skill Rating: 4707(Season 4)

Currently: EnVyus

Why I think you should vote for me:

Because my laugh is the best and nobody can contest that fact!

Regorsnas Real name: Roger Matamoros Sans Profile: regorsnas#1609 ( https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/regorsnas-1609 ) Peak Skill Rating: 3300 (Season 4) Currently:  SnasGG / Tournament Organitzator / streamer / https://www.twitch.tv/snasgg Why I think you should vote for me: I’m Regorsnas creator of the organization SnasGG, we run tournament in the Spanish comunnity. We have two differents cups, the SnasCUP focused to amateur scene and SnasGOLD to the top player. Our focus now is in Spain but we pretend to expand. I’m also an active streamer promting Overwatch in spanish languague.


One Amongst Many

Real name: Josh Pemberton

Profile: OAM#21353 - https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/OAM-21353

Peak Skill Rating:4073 (Season 3)

Currently: Content Creator/Caster

Why I think you should vote for me:

Back when Overwatch was first announced in 2014, I was one of the first to really dedicate content towards it. Ever since, I've made it my life's focus; to understand the game, the scene around it, and to find ways to contribute in positive ways. I've cast several tournaments (ONOG Operation Breakout) and used to provide regular reports on happenings in the OW esports scene. I've an analytical approach to all things, a patient demeanor, and a willingness to commit full time to the World Cup.


Real name: Luke Dainton

Profile: iuKeEe#2596 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/iuKeEe-2596

Peak Skill Rating: Season 1 (Rank 81 aka top 100 EU)

Previously: Team EndPoint, FlatEarth. Now: ex-Cyclone Coach

Why I think you should vote for me:

I'm iuKeEe, coach for the professional team ex-Cyclone - rank 6 EU and 22 WORLD (Gosu Rankings). I am the Overwatch Advisor for British esports as well as the owner of the 'UK Overwatch Competitive Discord'. Understanding UK players on a personal level allow me to allocate the best team based on not only mecahnics and their exposure. I am very confident in understanding what we need in order to qualify for Blizzcon and give this a real good go.


Real name: Ben Goulding

Profile: notwhatsgood#2327 (https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/notwhatsgood-2327)

Peak Skill Rating: 4018 (Season 4)

Currently:  nerdRage

Why I think you should vote for me:

I'm the Overwatch Team Manager for UK based organisation, nerdRage. I’m looking to assemble a team of the UK’s filthiest fraggers so we have a genuine shot at going all the way. A strong knowledge of both the UK scene and players I can guarantee you will see a roster made up of those who genuinely deserve to be on the starting six and not just rehashed ‘household’ names.

I can guarantee GB will fly through the group stages quicker than my mum jumps on a half price offer down at the local Aldi. 10p Freddos, make this country great again. Vote notwhatsgood.



Profile: Taimou#2526 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/Taimou-2526

Peak SR: 4598 (Season 4)

Currently: EnVyUs

Why I think you should vote me: I have good aim


Real name: Joonas Alakurtti

Profile: zappis#21285

Peak Skill Rating: 4731(Season 4)

Currently:  Ninjas In Pyjamas

Why I think you should vote for me:

Captain of team Finland in the 2016 World Cup and a flex player for Ninjas In Pyjamas. Having multiple competitive experiences in Overwatch since the early beta has made me understand the game in a level where my vision and assets are greatly beneficial in forming a national team. I’m also very familiar with the top finnish players.


Real name:Mikael Skjønhaug

Profile:mkL#21890 - https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/mkL-21890 

Peak Skill Rating: 4.2k – Season 4

Currently:  I currently coach the Taiwan / HK based team Talon Esports. I used to coach Luminosity Gaming for 6 months and Northern Gaming Blue for 3 months.

Why I think you should vote for me:

I played professionally for Tempo Storm, Oslo Lions and Creation Esports.

I’ve won several online tournaments ranging from invite tournaments to weeklies. I have attended two major lans – Overwatch Open (Eleague) in Atlanta and TakeOver (TakeTV) in Germany. I run the biggest discord community for competitive Overwatch in Norway. I have both coached and played Overwatch professionally since November 2015.  


Real name: Espen Aateigen

Profile: Aateigen#2761 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/Aateigen-2761 …

Peak skill rating: 4.1k S3, Top 500 S2

Currently: Co-running the biggest competitive Overwatch community in Norway. Also moderator of the biggest Norwegian Overwatch Facebook pages.

Why I think you should vote for me:

I have played professional Overwatch for Oslo Lions, Norways best team. I was the captain and also the manager for some time. 

I have used all my time on coaching and playing professional Overwatch the last year now, and i am probably one of the most experienced candidates in Norway.

I will do everything in my power to form the best team possible, and use all my knowlegde and experience to get as far as possible in the World Cup!



Real name:  Laurent Prinderre

Profile: DeGuN#2283 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/DeGuN-2283

Currently: ex pro player for melty esport now full time youtuber streamer

KabaL Real name: Guillaume ETTORI Profile: KabaL#2996 - https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/KabaL-2996 Peak Skill Rating: 4533 (Season 4) Currently:  Team LDLC Why I think you should vote for me: I’m an fps veteran player. I have played competitively CS 1.6 (GG, aAa), Left4Dead (aAa) and Tribes Ascend (FFR). On Overwatch, i played before for team melty. I am the tactician and main shot caller of the team and my role is support for team LDLC.


Real name:Hugo Perhirin


Peak skill rating : 4621 (S4)

Previously : G2, Melty, PENTA, Now: LFT

I used to play TF2 at the highest level for a couple of years and decided to dedicate myself to Overwatch when it came out. Im playing since the Beta and I played in teams such as G2, Melty and recently PENTA during DreamHack Winter 2016. Im following the competitive scene really closely and Im trying to improve my knowledge of the game everyday. Thanks to that I think I would be able to make the perfect team to represent France and show the world that we can win the World Cup !



Real name: Robert Marian Lupu

Profile: Wizo#21757 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/Wizo-21757 

Peak SR: 3752

Currently: IDM eSports, Nexus Gaming(currently).

Why I think you should vote for me:I am a semi-pro player since August 2016 when I won my first lan tournament. Since then I've won another lan tournament at Dreamhack Buchare, participated in several online cups, scrimmed with my team against T3 and analyzed vods for T2 teams. With my experience, I think I can help Romania picking the best players and helping them in the group stage phase.


Name: Mihail Cristian Paunescu 

Tag: Meza#21716 

Season High: 4787 (Season 3)

Past Teams: Team LDLC 

Current Team: CompLexity Gaming

Why I think you should vote for me:

I was in LDLC before and now in CompLexity Gaming as Main Tank. I played in several online and LAN competitions ,started scrimming since early closed beta. Even though the Romanian Overwatch scene is currently small I’m sure that I’m going to be able to build the best roster we can possibly have.


Gamertag: Vizility

Real name: Jeffrey de Vries

Profile: Vizility#2396 (https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/Vizility-2396)

Peak skill rating: 4653 (currently #7 in EU)

Currently: ECV eSports

Why I think you should vote for me:
My name is Vizility and I am currently top 7 in Europe. I am an ex-League of Legends professional player so I am familiar with team environments that can perform on high level. I am confident that I am able to build the best team for our small talented country!


Real name: Mathijs Kool

Profile: joinvoicepls#2117 https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/eu/joinvoicepls-2117 

Peak skill rating: 4511

Why I think you should vote for me:

As a Lucio main playing in GM/top500 I know that communication is very important in OW. It will be my mission to have everyone joining voice chat and i will make sure our World Cup team will too

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